why organic?

Living mindfully can increase the awareness of the impact of our choices and actions, in a way that minimizes the damage we do to ourselves.

  •  Eco-chic beauty that is good for you and the environment
  •  Brands we choose are gentle
  •  No unbearable fumes or smells
  •  Ideal for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, and pregnant women 

From the core, where purity begins

4 core reasons to start using organic hair color

1. Pure—mild for hair and scalp

  • Ammonia and Paraben free
  • Inspired by nature

2. Nourishingstrong, shiny, healthy hair

  • Coconut based for extra conditioning
  • Rebuilds natural hair structure

3. Effectivelong lasting permanent results

  • high quality hair color
  • 100% grey coverage

4. AromaPleasurable aroma experience

  • Jasmine and Sandalwood essential oils